Exercise Groups, Classes and Programs

Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program

Source: Arthritis Foundation


Exercise program designed specifically for people with arthritis that uses gentle activities to help increase joint flexibility and range of motion, and maintain muscle strength. Go to the Chapter Map (www.arthritis.org/chaptermap.php) to locate a class near you, or call the Arthritis Answers Help Line at 1-800-542-0295.

Exercise & Physical Activity: Your Everyday Guide from The National Institute on Aging

Source: National Institutes of Health


This 120-page, illustrated guide describes the benefits of exercise and physical activity for older people, with sample exercises and tips.


Source: National Institute on Aging


Nationwide program to promote physical activity for older adults. Includes many online resources to help seniors get more exercise.

International Council on Active Aging


Website of association of active aging professionals includes resources and information about senior fitness