Driving Safety


Source: AAA, AARP and the American Occupational Therapy Association


Program that brings seniors together with occupational therapists to see how well their cars are suited to their needs.

Checklist for Older Drivers

Source: IlluminAge Communication Partners


Points for seniors and families to consider; is it safe to continue driving? What alternative transportation is available?

Dementia and Driving Resource Center

Source: Alzheimer''s Association


Videos provide tips for handling this delicate issue

Driver Safety

Source: AARP


Information for older adults about safe driving, including AARP Driver Safety Classes

DriveWell Toolkit

Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration


The DriveWell Toolkit is a stand-alone, turn-key program on older driver safety and mobility.

Driving Specialist Locator

Source: American Occupational Therapy Association


Searchable list of driving programs for drivers over 65.

Factsheet: Driving Safety for Older Adults

Source: IlluminAge Communication Partners


Factsheet includes tips for assessing driving skills, safe driving tips for seniors, information about transitioning to alternate transportation modes.

Family Conversations with Older Drivers

Source: The Hartford


A resource to help families figure out if seniors are safe behind the wheel, improve their skills, and locate alternatives if they're not.

Older Adult Driver Safety

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)


The NCIPC website offers a wide variety of factsheets and other resources for older adult drivers.

The LongROAD Senior Cohort Study

Source: AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety


Generating scientific evidence for understanding the dynamics, mechanisms, determinants, and consequences of driving in senior drivers and for developing effective knowledge to ensure safe mobility for older people.

Transportation for Senior Citizens and Caregivers

Source: Easter Seals and a consortium of national associations


Transportation options for older adults who wish to live independently in the community; resources for seniors and caregivers.