Practical Issues When a Person Dies

Funeral Consumers Alliance


Non-profit group dedicated to protecting the consumer's right to a dignified funeral; avoiding fraud and deceptive practices

Funeral or Memorial Service Planner

Source: IlluminAge Communication Partners


Checklist covers type of service, arrangements to be made, content of service and participants.

Funerals: A Consumer Guide

Source: Federal Trade Commission


Information about planning and paying for a funeral, including consumer protection information.

Grief and Loss

Source: AARP


Section of AARP website includes large collection of articles about the grieving process and other aspects of death and dying; includes the "Final Details" checklists to legal, financial and other practical steps after a person dies.

National Funeral Directors Association


Leading funeral service organization in the United States; website offers consumer resources.

Providing Comfort at the End of Life

Source: National Institute on Aging


Web page detailing Physical Comfort, Mental and Emotional Needs, Spiritual Issues, Practical Tasks